Privacy Policy

1 What data do we collect and why?

1.1 Game Data

Although our games collect data on nearly everything our players do in game - in order to analyse strengths and weaknesses in our designs - none of this data is identifiable. When the game is first installed, a random identifier known only to that installation is created, and any data such as highscores, death statistics, etc are sent to us with that anonymous identifier. We do ask for a username, for which some people use their real name - but we do not require a real name and cannot automatically/computationally identify anyone from this username.

We use this data for providing in-game leaderboards, and to identify which parts of our games require tweaking in order for it to provide maximum enjoyment. For example, if a lot of players are dying at a certain point, we may make it easier - or conversely, if no-one is dying at a certain point, it may be made more difficult.

1.2 Third Party Analytics

We use both Google Analytics and Unity Analytics to determine metrics such as active users, app installs, site visits etc - which may include approximate location (At the country or region level). To the best of our knowledge, any information collected by these third party analytics tools is anonymised. This information is to give us a general impression of how active and popular the game is, and some general idea of our audience.

1.3 Closed Alpha Programs

The closed alpha programs for DemonFish games (and other products) are currently the only time we store identifiable data, and this amounts to only your email address. This email address is required for participation in the closed alphas, as back and forth communication is the main reason the alpha programs exist.

2 Your right to your data.

Influenced by the European Union's GDPR, all users have the ability to request a copy of, or the deletion of the data we hold on them, which can be done as outlined below. This can only apply to identifiable data. The GDPR laws require that such requests are responded to in less than one month.

2.1 Requesting a copy of your data

To request a copy of the data we hold on you, you can email us at However, at this moment in time, the only identifiable data that we can give you is your email address... which, you need to email us from in order for us to reply. There's not much point right now.

2.2 Requesting deletion of your data

At any time you can email and request that we delete any identifiable data. As indicated in 2.1, this currently consists solely of the registered email address. Requesting that we remove this data will require us to remove you from any closed alpha programs that you may be a part of.

3 Security

All identifiable data is currently held in Google provided services. Only the directors of the company currently have access to this data.

Anonymised data is generally not intended to be secure, as much of it can be accessed without authorisation either from within the game (e.g. highscore tables), or from the Demonfish website (e.g. death statistics, bug reports).

4 Changes and The Future

The identifiable data we currently hold is very basic. We hope to do some exciting things with user profiles and accounts in the near future though, and when that happens, we will update this policy and notify you accordingly!